Online trauma therapy, covered by insurance

In-network with Horizon BCBSNJ!

Nema's evidence-based treatment provides rapid relief while helping you achieve long-term healing. We are in-network with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ)!

Expert care built for survivors

Treatment that works

Experience relief with Cognitive Processing Therapy, the gold-standard treatment for PTSD, via secure video sessions.

Expert care team

Rely on our team of therapists, psychiatrists, and peer mentors, who have decades of experience supporting trauma survivors.

Results within weeks

Feel better in just a few weeks by completing our intensive care model, which includes therapy sessions 3-5x per week.

Our patients get better


no longer meet criteria for PTSD after completing Nema treatment


of Nema patients report clinical improvement in their PTSD symptoms

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What to expect

Book a free 20-minute consultation

A member of our team will walk you through how Nema's care model works and answer your questions.

Receive an initial evaluation

Meet with a licensed clinician to discuss your PTSD symptoms and goals for treatment.

Match with your care team

You'll have a dedicated therapist and peer mentor for the full duration of your healing journey.

Attend video sessions

Meet with your care team 3-5 times per week to learn new skills and start feeling better.

Ongoing support

As you transition into recovery, you'll continue to have access to regular check-ins, online messaging, and community support.

Nema addresses the mental health provider shortage in New Jersey


of mental health needs are not met in New Jersey


of New Jersey residents don't receive mental health services because of cost

"I'm still shocked at how significant of a change has been made in such a short amount of time. It doesn't feel like fleeting excitement, but rather lasting peace. I am so, so grateful."

—L.B., 26 years old

"This was the most effective type of therapy I've done thus far. Writing and processing my beliefs on my own was extremely helpful, and I was able to release some heavy feelings like shame."

—P.W., 42 years old

"I hadn't even realized how much I needed to unpack. I was able to work through my emotional roadblocks without experiencing further trauma or pain."

—K.T., 25 years old

"Nema sure knows what trauma is all about and how to navigate it. If they were able to help me, they can help you too."

—F.S., 38 years old

"I don't think traditional therapy would have gotten to the root of the problem. I did not realize how Nema would change my life."

—A.D., 52 years old

"I was truly shocked at how positively and effectively this treatment affected my mental health. It made the world much less scary and more manageable to exist in."

—V.Y., 39 years old

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Navigating mental health care and insurance can be challenging. That's why we've answered the most commonly asked questions from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey members.

How do I use my Horizon BCBSNJ benefits?

After you complete your free 20-minute consultation, we will ask for your insurance card and information so that we can verify your in-network coverage with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ). If you're eligible, we will bill Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield for your services.

How soon can I begin treatment?

It typically takes 1-2 weeks between your free 20-minute consultation and starting treatment. During this time, you will complete an Intake Evaluation with a licensed clinician to determine if Nema is the right fit. If so, you will be matched with a Peer Mentor — someone who has lived experience with PTSD and is now in recovery. We encourage you to meet with your dedicated Peer Mentor before starting CPT treatment so that you can learn more about what to expect from someone who's been there before.

What therapeutic approach do you use?

We use Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), the front-line treatment for PTSD that's been proven to work for a range of traumas. The therapy is centered around  "stuck points”, or painful trauma-related beliefs that one may hold about themselves or the world around them. By challenging and revising these distorted views, CPT can alleviate PTSD's grip and allow for integration of healthier beliefs into one’s daily interactions. CPT is generally 10-12 sessions and focuses on building practical skills that help survivors reframe painful trauma-related thoughts.

Can my family be involved in my treatment?

While our intensive treatment is delivered one-on-one, we offer all patients the opportunity to book a Family Session. During this session, your therapists will help teach your family member a bit about PTSD and how it may impact their relationship with you. Through psychoeducation, we will let your family member know how to best support you during our intensive treatment and beyond.

Is it required that I attend therapy sessions multiple times per week?

While some providers do Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) one time per week for a period of ~3 months, we believe in helping you find healing as soon as possible. That's why we require our patients attend sessions with their therapist 3-5 times per week. Studies have shown that intensive treatment results in rapid symptom reductions that are sustained over time.