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We'll find a time that's convenient for you to meet with one of our PTSD clinicians to discuss your personal experience.

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A dedicated peer mentor — someone who's been through PTSD and is now in recovery — will help you navigate treatment.

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PTSD treatment, designed for you

Virtual treatment, backed by science

We use Cognitive Processing Therapy — the gold-standard treatment for PTSD — delivered to you through secure and convenient video sessions.

Dedicated team of expert providers

Our care team of therapists, psychiatrists, and peer mentors are there for you at every step. All of our providers have expertise working with trauma survivors.

Therapy that shows quick & lasting results

You'll attend therapy sessions 3-5 times per week. Through this intensive care model, you can feel better in just a couple of weeks.

We're in-network with major health insurance plans

Our therapy works, even if you've tried others before

Most people come to Nema after trying a range of other therapies and not seeing results. At Nema, we only use scientifically-proven therapies to help you feel better. After completing our program, 90% of Nema patients report clinical improvement in their PTSD symptoms.

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"Before Nema, my body physically felt heavy and constantly drained. After Nema, I literally feel lighter and I'm more hopeful about my future than I have ever been before in my life."

—J.R., 38 years old

"I believe anyone who has experienced any kind of trauma would not only benefit from Nema Health, but also have the chance to heal their mind and regain their peace."

—E.V., 66 years old

"I am so thankful as I feel Nema's work with me had a ripple effect in my family. I don’t tell them that—but I see it."

—M.H., 18 years old

"I was skeptical on how Nema's therapy would work for me but it turned out to be such a blessing. I started the process full of angst and confusion and left with a true 'clear head' and the tools to help me move forward and succeed in my goals."

—D.W., 31 years old

"I'm beginning to like who I am. I'm beginning to feel positive emotions that I thought I had lost the capacity to feel."

—H.O., 51 years old


We’ve answered the most common questions about starting treatment at Nema so that you can have full confidence in your decision.

How soon can I begin treatment?

It typically takes 1-2 weeks between your free 20-minute consultation and starting treatment. During this time, you will complete an Intake Evaluation with a licensed clinician to determine if Nema is the right fit. If so, you will be matched with a Peer Mentor — someone who has lived experience with PTSD and is now in recovery. We encourage you to meet with your dedicated Peer Mentor before starting CPT treatment so that you can learn more about what to expect from someone who's been there before.

What therapeutic approach do you use?

We use Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), the front-line treatment for PTSD that's been proven to work for a range of traumas. The therapy is centered around  "stuck points”, or painful trauma-related beliefs that one may hold about themselves or the world around them. By challenging and revising these distorted views, CPT can alleviate PTSD's grip and allow for integration of healthier beliefs into one’s daily interactions. CPT is generally 10-12 sessions and focuses on building practical skills that help survivors reframe painful trauma-related thoughts.

Can a loved one be involved in my treatment?

While our intensive treatment is delivered one-on-one, we offer all patients the opportunity to book a Support System Session. During this session, your therapist will help teach your loved one a bit about PTSD and how it may impact their relationship with you. Through psychoeducation, we will let your loved one know how to best support you during our intensive treatment and beyond.

Is it required that I attend therapy sessions multiple times per week?

While some providers do Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) one time per week for a period of ~3 months, we believe in helping you find healing as soon as possible. That's why we require our patients attend sessions with their therapist 3-5 times per week. Studies have shown that intensive treatment results in rapid symptom reductions that are sustained over time.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We accept several major insurance plans including UnitedHealthcare, Optum, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ), Oxford, and ConnectiCare. We are happy to check whether Nema is covered as an in-network benefit under your insurance. If Nema is considered out-of-network, we can provide you with a superbill detailing the services you received for potential reimbursement from your health plan. Nema is actively continuing to add new insurance plan partners — please check back here for updates on our expansion.