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Gina Frazier
Peer Mentor

Gina Frazier


Gina offers support through psychoeducation, encouragement, and social connection.


What inspired you to become a Peer Mentor with Nema Health?

I am a PTSD survivor, and I want to help show others that recovery is possible. I will never forget one woman who held my hand in court through what was the most challenging and traumatic time of my life. I appreciated her just being there and listening. I want to "pay it forward" to offer the same level of support and encouragement that she offered me. Being a Peer Mentor at Nema is like a great opportunity to support a community of survivors.

How has your own life changed since recovery from PTSD?

I have been able to go from surviving to thriving, and live a fulfilling life. My trauma used to control all aspects of my life β€”Β my feelings, thoughts, wellbeing, relationships, health...everything. I used to handle my trauma in unhealthy ways because that's the only way I knew how to. Getting help was the best decision I ever made. Today, I feel completely ok with who I am for the first time in my life. I never thought I would ever feel like that about myself. Now, I am in this amazing journey of self-discovery. I look forward to what my life brings β€”Β from its wonderful moments to its challenges. Most of all, I feel free again.

What can clients expect in working with you?

I am an equal who has been through similar circumstances. Clients can except that I will hold a safe space for them, be a good listener, and help them discover within themselves what they want to achieve. I want my clients to know that they are the master of their own journey β€” I am here to walk alongside, not in front.